1892 English Borzoi Standard

1 Head - Long and lean. The skull flat and narrow, stop not perceptible, and muzzle long and tapering. The head from the forehead to tip of the nose should be so fine that the shape and direction of the bones and principal veins can be seen clearly, and in profile should appear rather Roman-nosed. Bitches should be even narrower in head then dogs. Eyes dark, expressive, almond-shaped and not to far apart. Ears like those of a greyhound; small, thin and placed well back on the head, with tips, when thrown back, almost touching behind the occiput. 

2 Neck The neck should be carried somewhat low, with the neck continuing the line of the back.

3 Shoulder Clean and sloping well back.

4 Chest Deep and somewhat narrow.

5 Back Rather bony and free from any cavity in the spinal column, the arch in the back being more marked in the dog than in the bitch.

6 Loins Broad and very powerful, with plenty of muscular development.

7 Thighs Long and well developed, with good second thighs.

8 Ribs Slightly sprung at he angle of the ribs; deep, reaching to the elbow and even lower   

9 Forelegs Lean  and straight. Seen from the front they should be narrow, and from the side broad at the shoulder and narrowing gradually down to the foot, the bone appearing flat and not rounded as in the foxhound.

10 Hind legs The least thing under the body when standing still, not straight, and the stifle slightly bent.

11 Muscles Well distributed and highly developed.

12 Pasterns Strong.

13 Feet Like those of the deerhound, rather long. The toes close together and well arched.

14 Coat Long, silky (not woolly), either flat, wavy, or rather curly. On the head, ears and front legs it should be short and smooth. On the neck the frill should be profuse and rather curly. On the chest and rest of body, the tail and hindquarters, it should be long. The forelegs should be well feathered.

15 Tail Long, well feathered and not gaily carried.

16 Height At shoulder of dogs, from 26 in. upward; of bitches, from 24 in. upward.

Faults Head short and thick. Too much stop. Parti-colored nose. Eyes too wide apart. Heavy ears. Heavy shoulders. Wide chest. "Barrel"-ribbed. Dew claws. Elbows turned out. Wide behind.