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Erziehung / obiedience

 by Ute Ruoff

Today for the first time on this new page issued by this homepage, I would like to deal with the topic "dog respectively Borzoi education".
So let's start with what should be the basis of a good socialization among dogs as well as between man and dog:
The puppy-"school" respectively the puppy-playing group which has such a great importance.
It is here that a young dog, aged between 10 weeks and 6 months, can learn all the essential words of the "dog language", while playing.
Especially greyhounds often show a certain shyness when making first contact with other breeds. This shyness might be due to the fact that for greyhounds the game itself is based on the joy and freedom of running and as a consequence they dislike the obtrusiveness of the romping of other breeds games. One must never forget that while living at the breeder's home, being together with their pack of greyhounds they have only played the "greyhound style". To me it seems very positive to help them overcome this shyness and to show them how positive and not at all dangerous the contact and play with other breeds could be. Furthermore it is essential to have a Borzoi realize that other dogs might be smaller, but they are real dogs, too.
Yes, you got it right: to realize that they are dogs, too...accidents could happen when a Borzoi or even a pack of them chases a fast moving "object" under the full urge to hunt it down, realizing too late that it has been no prey, but a small fellow dog (Malteser????)....a well accomplished socialization could prevent most of such missunderstandings.
As all the dogs at a puppy-group, the greyhound has to learn to be sometimes the superior dog and sometimes the inferior one. It is important for him to be able to use bodylanguage immediately and correctly when being confronted with another dog.This is of great importance, as a young but tall dog is - at distance - often being seen by other dogs as a threat to the pack or to the preserve and as a consequence being attacked at once.
Life saving for a dog in this situation could be the ability of showing his weekness and smallness at once in a doglike way.
On the other hand he must learn use his superiority towards weaker dogs in order to climb the social ladder of the pack without injuring them. Nobody would like to have a Borzoi that goes beserk when seeing another dog, just because he has never learned his social skills.
Following I will show you some impressions of our puppy course:

 sometimes up. sometimes down

two of a wolfhounds: a wolf-fighter (Owtcharek Podhalanski) and a wolf-hunter (Borzoi)


So! This is it for this time. I will leave you for the moment, hopefully meeting you again on the next issue of our "education" page. I hope all of you "dog-people" will enjoy the training...-and I hope you will all have the patience and the empathy while training...or shouldn't we say

Ute Ruoff
-Hundeschule RUOFF-
Next time:      dominance and trust

Balagur and Baala, approx. 6 months old

a serial of shots, showing how shyness can turn