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Name: Kassatkine Kirill
Date of birth:
November 23, 1958.
the citizen of Russian Federation.
The marital status:
is married, has two children.
The home address:
Russian Federation,
Orshanskaya street, 9-234.
Home telephone:
+7 (095) 417-6485.
E-mail: kassatkine@mail.ru

Has graduated from the Moscow Art School “Memory of the 1905” (faculty of monumental restoration) in 1984. The basic techniques:

Monumental painting (fresco, oil and silicon-organic paints);

Painting (canvas, oil);

Paper, water-colour paints;

Tree, tempera.

Reconstruction and restoration of antique Greek frescos in Gargippia (Crimea) of the II century AD.
Reconstruction and restoration of frescos in temples of Moscow, Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), Rostov the Great, Kuznetsk, Novgorod the Great.

State organisation "RosRestoration". The restorer; brigade-leader of the restorers.

Studio of the military painters by name M.B. Grekov at the Ministry of defence
of the USSR. The chief-restorer.

Work in Europe, South America and in Russia under the contracts. Including: frescos in a private villa of  fon Berg in Cologne (Germany), interior of restaurant in Costa-Blanca (Spain), painting (12 pictures) for the Orthodox centre in Prague (Czech), painting for private collections in Montevideo (Uruguay).

Membership in professional unions:

Member of the Moscow urban committee of the painters (graphic arts).

Member of the Moscow branch of the International Federation of the painters of UNESCO.

Member of the International Arts Fund.

Participation in exhibitions:

Annual exhibition of graphic arts "Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28" (Moscow).

The international exhibition "Art-Myth" (Moscow). At this exhibition the private gallery of Houston (USA) bought a series of pictures devoted to events of 1991 in USSR.

Personal exhibition in Amberg (Germany).

The Kassatkine's works are submitted in galleries and private collections of Russia, USA, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Czech, Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Korea.